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Idhayakkani songs

M.S. Viswanathan composed music for this 1975 tamil movie starring MGR and Rada Salooja.

'Inbame Undhan Per' was sang by TMS and Susheela in vaali lyrics. An excellent love song.

'Ithazhe Ithazhe' was sang by SPB in Vaali lyrics

'Neenga Naalayirukkanum Naadu Munnera' is sang by TMS, Seerkhazhi S. Govindarajan and Janaki. This is sang by the time MGR entered poilitcs and became chief minister of Tamilnadu.

'Ondrum Ariyaatha' was sang by TMS in Vaali lyrics.

'Thottam Idam Ellam' was sang by TMS, Susheela and Saibaba

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