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Song: Thazhayam poomudichu
Background: This excellent song is from the 1959 tamil film 'Baga Pirivinai', Directed by A. Bhimsingh, Cast by Shivaji Ganesan and Saroja Devi. Very good folk song sang by TMS and suseela with MSV music and kannadasan lyrics
Download mp3: Thazhayam poomudichu

Song: Then Malli Poove
Background: This song is from the 1978 tamil film, 'Thiyagam', Directed by K. Vijayan and cast by Shivaji Ganesan. Music was composed by Ilayaraja and sang by TMS and Janaki
Download mp3: Then Malli Poove

Song: Thendral urangida
Background: This song is from the 1960 tamil movie, 'Sangili Thevan', Directed by B. Ramakrishnaiah Panthulu, With T.G Lingappa music and TMS, P. Leela voice.
Download mp3: Thendral urangida

Song: Thillai Ambala nataraja
Background: This mind blogging devotional song on Lord shiva was written by Patukkottai Kalyanasundaram. Actually Gemini Ganesan acts for this song with TMS voice, i don't know the film name
Download mp3: Thillai Ambala nataraja

Song: Thulluvatho Ilamai
Background: This old hit song is from MGR film. TMS and LR. Eswari sang in this song. This song was recently remade is Danush film 'Sukran'
Download mp3: Thulluvatho Ilamai

Song: Ulagam Ithile Adanguthu
Background: TMS sang this philosophy song with kannadasan lyrics and K.V Mahadevan music
Download mp3: Ulagam Ithile Adanguthu

Song: Ulagam Ulagam
Background: This song is from the 1973 film, 'Ulagam Sutrum Valiban', Directed by MGR, cast by S.A. Ashokan and MGR. Another popular song from this MGR hit is 'Ulagam Piranthathu Enakkaka' by TMS
Download mp3: Ulagam Ulagam

Song: Un vizhiyum en vaalum santhithaal
Background: This popular song is from the 1968 MGR movie 'Kudi iruntha Koil', Directed by K. Shankar, cast by MGR and Jayalalitha. Lyrics were written by vaali and sang by TMS
Download mp3: Un vizhiyum en vaalum santhithaal

Song: Undakki Vittavargal
Background: This song is from the 1966 tamil movie 'Muga Rasi', Directed by M.A. Thirumugam, cast by MGR and Jayalalitha
Download mp3: Undakki Vittavargal

Song: Unnai Paarthu
Background: This song is from the 1969 tamil movie 'Adimai Penn', Directed by K. Shankar, Cast by MGR.
Download mp3: Unnai Paarthu

Song: Uzhaikkum Kaigale
Background: This song is from the 1966 MGR tamil movie, 'Thanipiravi', Directed by M.A. Thirumugham, cast by MGR and Jayalalitha. MGR's social concern and his love for working class is apparent in this song
Download mp3: Uzhaikkum Kaigale

Song: Varathappa Varathappa Kanji
Background: One of the greatest folk song by TMS. I think the film name is 'Babu' but not sure.
Download mp3: Varathappa Varathappa Kanji

Song: Vivasayee
Background: This song is from the 1967 tamil movie 'vivasaayee', Directed by M.A. Thirumugam, cast by MGR, K.R Vijaya and Nagesh, Music by KV. Mahadevan and sang by TMS. MGR praises the farmers and their role in agricultures in this great song.
Download mp3: Vivasayee

Song: Yaradi Nee Mohini
Background: This song is from the 1958 tamil movie 'Uthama Puthiran', Directed by T. PRakash Rao, cast by Shivaji Ganesan. This great song was sang by TMS, Jamuna rani and jikki
Download mp3: Yaradi Nee Mohini

Song: Aechu pizhaikkum thozhile sarithana
Download mp3: Aechu pizhaikkum thozhile sarithana

Song: Yemara Sonnathu Naano
Background: This kannadasan song was sang by TMS and P. Susheela
Download mp3: Yemara Sonnathu Naano

Song: Yeratha Malaithanile
Background: This song is from the tamil moive 'Thookku Thookki', Sang by T.M. Soundararajan, a philosophical song of great meaning.
Download mp3: Yeratha Malaithanile

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